Entrepreneur’s testimonial: StartupWave helps refine business plan for TatvaGyan

Binayak Acharyaan Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer and a Rural Management graduate from Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar aspires to create and expand opportunities in the underserved areas that have little access to quality education. His endeavor stems from the fact that while India has succeeded in achieving 97% enrollment rate in schools, it is yet to ensure that students are receiving quality education. The main factors defining quality in education include teacher training, infrastructure, teachers’ motivation, style of teaching and learning effectiveness. Over 250 million children do not receive quality education while close to 50% of students drop-out by age 12.

To address this issue, Binayak founded TatvaGyan which provides high quality holistic early childhood and remedial education support in the rural and semi-urban areas through a skills-based approach. They have a team of 3 who have a combined work experience of more than 15 years in the education space as both administrators and practitioners. They have already conducted pilots across different affordable schools in Khurdha and Cuttack districts of Odisha and have converted three schools as program partners. They are currently rolling out B2C operations by establishing five ‘TatvaGyan hubs’ in the district of Puri, Odisha.

In order to expand their operations and find mentorship support, the TatvaGyan team was looking to join an incubation program. They were initially looking for space incubators but when they came across StartupWave – they jumped at the opportunity to get incubated virtually so that they could continue working on their pilot in Odisha while accessing resources and expertise from the online platform at their own convenient time.

While TatvaGyan already had a business model in place, the rich video resources and downloadable materials on the StartupWave platform enabled them to further sharpen their model.

Once TatvaGyan built their model on StartupWave’s interactive business model canvas, it was reviewed by one of our evaluation partners – SEAF (Small Enterprise Assistance Fund). The feedback helped TatvaGyan relook at some of their assumptions on their target segment, revenue model and on on-boarding skilled workforce. All this helped further strengthen their business model and TatvaGyan was now ready to be incubated.

TatvaGyan is now looking for initial funding support to take his business to scale.

What Binayak loved most on the platform was the ease of use and the flexibility to access the platform whenever he wanted. He is now looking forward to the next phase of the StartupWave platform which will take enterprises like TatvaGyan from being Incubation-ready to being Investment-ready.

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