Kenyan Entrepreneurs’ Conference on Trade & Development. [ KENCTAD 6 ]


1st Mar, 2019 - 2nd Mar, 2019


Western Heights
Karuna Road Westlands - 30327, Nairobi - , Kenya


Name : Kenyan Entrepreneur
The 6th edition of Kenyan Entrepreneurs’ Conference On Trade & Development will be held on the 1st & 2nd of March 2019 at the Western Heights, Westlands – Signature Auditorium.
The Kenyan Entrepreneurs’ conference on Trade & Development, KENCTAD – is a product of KENCTAD Llc. A 360 degrees corporate events, media & branding agency based in Nairobi Kenya.
The conference is based off of our entrepreneurial platform, The Kenyan Entrepreneur; which in itself is designed to connect the three arms of any sound entrepreneurial ecosystem. i.e Government, Academia & the Private Sector. This has seen us host 5 successful conferences. We have hosted thousands of entrepreneurs, partnered with multiple corporate institutions & Government offices.
We have been able to achieve this through strategic partnerships, corporate sponsorships, endorsements by government offices & support from our vast entrepreneur reach. We do this via hosting entrepreneurial events, participating in policy conversations, online corporate report publishing & one on one interactions with entrepreneurs on different levels.
This edition will focus on the ever challenging field of trade within the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, COMESA.
Areas of focus will include:
– Government & Private Sector Mandate To Finance & Foster Trade.
– Mobile & Mobile payments Solutions
– Regional Economic Integration & Sustainable Development Through Trade Finance.
– Project & Infrastructure Finance.
– Asset Management & Business Advisory Services.
– Internet of things
– Inter-County Trade Policies & How The Entrepreneurs Can Be Part Of Policy Formulations.
– How Government Policies & TAX Affect/ Effect Trade & Development.
– MADE IN KENYA Stamp & How It Will Affect/ Effect The Manufacturing Industry Within COMESA states.
Mobile & Mobile Payment Solutions:
– Africa is the global leader in mobile money, which has become an important component of Africa’s financial services landscape. Mobile network operators (MNOs) have dominated mobile money services in Africa for the past decade. More recently, fintechs have established a solid footing in the market, and a number of banks are beginning to compete aggressively for the mobile banking customer. While some banks have chosen to “go it alone,” others are forming partnerships in hopes of reaching the market faster. This article outlines five paths banks can take to retain ground in the battle for the mobile customer in Africa.
The trade & development conversation requires involvement from government, private sector & academia for these are the key elements of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We at KENCTAD would like for you to join us in steering this conversation.
Internet of things:
– Internet of Things (IoT) is an integrated part of Future Internet where physical and virtual ” things ” have identities and are seamlessly integrated into the information network. IoT is one technology that is penetrating the world so fast. It is being adopted to create smart homes, smart environment, connected automobile, wearables and industrial internet. No doubt, the African environment is gradually feeling the wave of this technology which is facilitated by the widespread use of smartphones, cheap bandwidth and availability of big data analytics. However, the African tech society seems to be slowly coming up to this reality. There are so many areas to be explored in the IoT which will add so much value to individuals, businesses and the government at large. Accompanying the IoT innovation are challenges some of which are peculiar to the African environment.
Enterprise & Cloud Data Management:
The African business landscape constantly needs a data management system/ platform that enables data governance and quality, policy compliance, repeatable business processes, cross-functional collaboration, and change awareness throughout the enterprise. Cloud strategy has, therefore, become a business imperative. Managing data in the cloud needs to form part of the cloud strategy discussion, as it is essential that enterprise data management strategy evolves to accommodate this. In order to derive maximum business value from cloud solutions, organisations need to optimise their enterprise data management around the cloud and adopt an approach of continuous fine-tuning and adjustment.
Feel Like Partnering With Us? We Have Three Avenues:
1- Brand Partnership:
Designed for brands that wish to align themselves in high level networking forums that are edged towards steering the entrepreneurial conversations forward. For these categories, we allow brand displays at the event – i.e Exhibitions.
2- Sponsorship:
Brand visibility to the right audience is eminent during our conferences. With delegates from different regions & counties within the country, KENCTAD offers an amazing marketing platform to our partners.
3- Speaking Engagements:
To give value to our attendees, KENCTAD seeks to engage high level speakers with authority & technical know how of what our trade policies are.
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Contact Person: Sebastian Davies Ngida
Mobile: 0704-024-707
The two day event will host delegates from different COMESA states as well as have a Mini-EXPO that will showcase different innovations, solutions from the region.
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