Exocan – Early Screening Cum Diagnosis, and Therapeutic Oncotech Platforms for Cancer

Diagnosis and treatment of cancers is very costly and early cancer detection, apart from saving life can also reduce cost of treatment for patients.

Exocan is developing unique oncotechnology platform(s) to deliver three innovative products, with applications in cancer diagnosis, imaging, and chemotherapy sectors.

  • Product 1 – Non-invasive, portable, exhaled breath basedlung cancer detection device
  • Product 2 – Early pan-cancer detection Kit based on biofluids for complete molecular bio-printing of cancers
  • Product 3 – Novel, tumor targeting platform for side effects free chemotherapy

The above mentioned solutions will have following features, and advantages over existing oncology diagnostics technologies:

1)   Early cancer detection cum diagnosis possible

2) Biopsy free determination of cancer grade/aggressiveness, metastatic propensity, chemo/radio responsive nature, and real time monitoring of therapy

3)   Ease of implementation in remote settings as the technologies do not require sophisticated instrumentation, highly trained medical professionals and subjective assessment

4)   Affordable and pain free solutions to clinically manage cancers as the devices can provide a total molecular snapshot of growing cancer in the body without doing expensive scanning procedures

Exocan technologies thus addresses the need of the huge population who are at risk and need to be diagnosed for cancer as well as those who have been detected and need periodic monitoring. The affordable technology will be especially useful for the BoP population.

Currently, they have received 5,00,000 INR non-dilutive grant money from BIRAC, DBT, India. Also, due diligence is in process from another impact investor agency. They have also filed a joint application with a UK pharma company for funding from Indian Govt. The total of funding that they are seeking for the company for successfully running these projects is approximately 3 crores to 5 crores for the next 2-3 years. The funding split is as follows:

1. Product 2 : 50 -80 lakh (70% of R&D, 10% on product prototyping, 10% on market research, 10% on first product in the market)

2.Product 1 : 1-1.5 Crore (60% on R&D, 20% product prototyping, 10% marketing, 10% on initial product release)

3. Product 3 : 1-1.2 Crore (50% on R&D, 10% on Animal Trials, 20% on product prototyping, 20% on market research)

StartupWave is assisting Exocan in fine-tuning their business model and helping them prepare a pitch for funding support. If you wish to be connected to Exocan kindly write to us at startupwave@intellecap.net.



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