UnLtd Hyderabad

UnLtd Hyderabad is an incubator for social entrepreneurs.

They work with early-stage social entrepreneurs to help them:


  • Develop as leaders
  • Accelerate their Impact
  • Prepare their organisation for scaling and further investment

They follow a standard process of selecting investees, and for 2013-2014, they have a group of ten committed, extraordinary and entrepreneurial individuals! The ventures of these individuals focus on a variety of sectors such as agriculture, education, livelihoods, physical disabilities, environment, health, and empowerment! To help them achieve their goals, UnLtd Hyderabad provides:

 1. Seed Funding

2. Coaching

3. Leadership Development

4. Expert Connections/Panels/Mentors

5. Peer Learning Workshops

6. Customized Training.

UnLtd Hyderabad is an affiliate of UnLtd India.

As an affiliate, they are an independent legal entity and adhere to the shared framework, values and principles of the incubation model developed by UnLtd India which supported over 120 social entrepreneurs in Maharashtra since 2007.