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Passionate about advances in medical technology with its impetus on the healthcare & making it proactive, we at ProHealth want to challenge status quo and  are moving with a unified vision of making healthcare proactive.

COPD is a chronic, progressive lung disease that causes limitations in the lung airflow due to inflammation of air passage lining. It is characterized by exacerbations – recurrent attacks of breathlessness, excessive sputum production, chronic cough, and reduced immunity, loss of appetite, fatigue, and frequent respiratory infections. Also if not treated correctly, it gives rise to co-morbidities like osteoporosis, Diabetes, hypertension, and other cardiovascular complications.

Current COPD on Verge of breaking out

With a mortality rate hitting inflection point of 1.1 million people across south-east asia, COPD poses an acute danger to human lives. Lack of awareness of causes of COPD, steady increase in tobacco smoking, high levels of indoor air pollution, occupational causes and poor socioeconomic status also account for the steep rise in the number of COPD cases.

Our product, Oxytrac offers complete pulmonary function test including respiratory rate, lung capacity, peak flow and blood oxygen concentration. The data obtained is synced to a smartphone and stored on cloud securely. It allows for predictive analysis of lung malfunction thus promoting preventative approach of disease management. It helps patients to monitor their condition via personal health records, track medications and doctor visits and helps doctors to make accurate and informed decisions based on access to patient health data.

The selling price is expected to decline from 25k to 6k – for the 1st year, post which only severe cases requiring sophisticated diagnostic procedures would require the prescribed visit to pathology lab.

With the device currently being under clinical trials mode in rural settings and a scheduled trial mode in pulmonary research center in Mumbai. The device currently monitors pulmonary functions of 20 asthma and COPD patients every month and notifies the clinicians about those results, this has caused a radical change in assessing the test reports and disease management.

The future of company ProHealth lies in building devices like Effortless PFT diagnostics, Predictive analytics of asthma attacks, IoT enabled devices and Telemedicine and B2B projects for Hospital settings. Our services will empowers to explore and find the custom suited healthcare needs, make informed decisions and helps patient take care of their health in the most proactive manner.

From a reactive healthcare mindset to a proactive one, ProHealth is on a mission to bring in a change in the ecosystem we live and live healthy.

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