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Nisha Dutt

CEO, Intellecap

Nisha is Chief Executive Officer at Intellecap and also sits on the StartupWave advisory board. She has over a decade of professional experience in managing strategy and operations projects involving global stakeholders in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. At Intellecap, she works on strategy, business model design, business planning, risk management, and research related projects across sectors such as agribusiness, healthcare, energy, livelihood, and water and sanitation. Nisha is also actively involved in providing strategic advisory services to the corporate sector in rolling out their products and services to the BOP market segment.

Prior to joining Intellecap, Nisha worked with Deloitte Consulting in areas of strategic assessments, mergers & acquisitions, developing alternate operating models, and transition planning. She has deep expertise in supply chain management, supplier management, and outsourcing-offshoring from her previous work experiences. Nisha holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Oklahoma State University and an MBA from University of Ohio. She sits on the boards of various listed entities.

In her spare time, Nisha likes to travel to offbeat places and dreams of an early retirement in the Himalayas. She’s our resident hacker for tackling existential questions ranging from work to life to the occasional gem that creates its own category.