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Chander Thareja resigned as Technology Vice President from Royal Bank of Scotland in November 2014 to start a social enterprise called IntelleMind Technologies Pvt. Ltd. One of their technology solutions that has gone live is . is an online marketplace for donors and NGOs.

This platform is dedicated to leveraging technology to make it easier, faster and cheaper for people to donate items. A good percentage of used items- be it in homes or in large corporations go waste. Moreover, NGOs which are resourced constrained are often in constant need of basic items which are essential to help them achieve their goals. is therefore a bold attempt at bridging this increasing gap.

The platform went live in March, 2015. is becoming the simplest and most convenient way for NGOs to fulfill their item requirements. Following a stringent verification process, an NGO can register on the platform and post their requirements. Individual donors and companies across the world can view these listings and can fulfill the requirements either by donating new items or used items in good condition.

For donors, the platform is proving to be the easiest way to experience the joy of giving. Donors can easily donate new items against NGO requirements by buying from e-Commerce sites, paying in full and giving the delivery address of the NGO on the shopping site directly. Donor gets a feedback on how the item donated by her is being used by the NGO supported by a picture / video.

A donor can also post details of the used items that they wish to donate. Only registered NGOs can view these postings. An NGO that wishes to procure the item can then get in touch with the donor. DonateItems is currently running several corporate campaigns for the NGOs on their site. For example, they are sending underprivileged children associated with NGOs to Unitech’s Oysters beach water park to enjoy free rides and meals. They aim to facilitate over 200,000 used item donations and 75,000 new items donations in the next two years.

Apart from providing a platform for servicing the needs of some NGOs, they also aim to bring relief during natural disasters and calamities. Relief items worth more than INR 400,000 were sent through to Nepal in the aftermath of the recent earthquake.

They are also looking to develop an e-commerce shopping site to service people at the base of the economic pyramid. Here donors will be able to buy basic products at wholesale prices that can be delivered to the poor.

In a nutshell, is working towards many interlinked goals-meeting basic item requirements of multiple NGOs, providing access to aid to those affected by disasters, improving the society we all live in by fostering a habit of donation and reducing waste by encouraging donors to re-cycle items.

In order to grow and prosper, they first and foremost require you to spread the word! Check out their website, browse through listed item requirements and experience first-hand the joy of giving.  They are also actively seeking funding to increase the scale and scope of operations. If you are interested in learning more about, please feel free to reach out to them at

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